Peach City Selfie

Couple taking a selfie for an anniversary

You Take Photos

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a picture with us offers a thousand possibilities. By a simple click, you and your guests can be against the chic surroundings of a New York Billboard or transported to an unknown universe. All with the unique backgrounds we offer.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Custom is not a word we take lightly, and that's evident in the astounding features of our Selfie Stations. With a nearly limitless variety of backdrops, editing tools, branding and sharing options, it's easy to see why so many are making these stations their must-haves for events. Easy-to-use and hands-on, the Selfie Station brings more than just iconic photos to keep, they create a memorable experience to be cherished.


High Def Camera

Enjoy crystal clear photos that sing with vibrant colors thanks to our unmatched high-definition cameras.

Filters & Backdrops

Choose from fun, engaging backdrops that range from scenic views to glittery backgrounds...and don't forget to make it social-worthy with a filter (or two)!

Fun Props

Props galore! That's what we're about here at Selfie Station. Mix and match hats, glasses, boas and more! What's a selfie without a little something extra?

selfie camera

Green Screen

Green screens are something of wonder, and we bring its magic to you. Let your imagination unfold with the possibilities.


Branding is not just for commercial's for the everyday person, too! Place names, dates, quotes and more on your images.

Print. Save. Share.

Don't fuss with the your images instantly or just share them to the 'gram. Want a keepsake? Print your photo with a click!

& More

Animated GIFs. Custom frames. Virtual Scenes. Your name it, we have it! The result? Custom, fun photos you can cherish indefinitely.

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