Peach City Selfie

Peach City Selfie

The Selfie Station is a widely popular trend that has taken the US by storm. Why? Because it's easy, fun and totally unlike anything else you've seen. These exceptional stations can bring the high-tech world of fashion and movies right to your fingers tips. And unlike overcrowded photo booths, Selfie Stations are free-standing and sleek. You can dance, move and really strike a pose. The best part? We bring them to you. For any occasion, any place -- you can have the limitless range of selfie possibilities that are sure to become the highlight of your next occasion!

In the age of the timeless selfie, this station is the height of camera action. Snap, share, send and revolutionize that way you take a photo.


As a vendor of the Selfie Station, owner Donna Goins is like many Americans who share a love for selfies...and fun! Based out of Lawrenceville, Georgia, Donna was introduced to the concept of Selfie Stations and immediately wanted to share this unique experience with clients throughout the area. Since then, she and her team have been delivering Selfie Stations to weddings and events bringing a unique touch to every occasion!

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